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Black Extra Large Swim Cap for Weaves, Braids, Extensions, Afro Hair or Dreadlocks

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At long last a cap you can quickly and easily throw on your extra large hair do  before taking a shower or plunging into the pool!

The caps are made from 100% sillicone and just like any swim cap, if you completely submerge your head a little water may seep in under the edges. For the most part, your dreads will remain dry and any wetness that may occur will dry quickly.

Unstretched the width is 23cm with a height of 29cm's. If you don't have the length to fill up the height of the cap it will fall fairly flat against the back of your head. The width/opening is designed to fit a large head or a head with the extra bulk of very thick hair, dreadlocks or weaves etc. They can be stretched to fit over the head but take care not to tear the silicone by over stretching or with sharp nails or jewellery. 


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